Friday, June 12, 2009

My first posting EVER!

Hey Everyone!

I am just going to start out my first blog by showing you some pictures of when my Asa was first born. HE was born on August 14, 2007 by c-section at 39 weeks of age. I had a glorious pregnancy! I was healthy and gained the perfect amount of weight of 30 lbs. I continued to exercise and take care of myself throughout my pregnancy. In all, my pregnancy was perfect! My friends would say that I would eat the food right off their plate and that I never lost my energy. I am a school teacher and I taught school to the day of my c-section. My c-section was on a Tuesday and yes, my behind was in my 2ND grade classroom just teaching like nothing was happening the Monday before. Yes, I was nervous..... Yes, I was excited...... Yes, I was ready...... I was ready to become a mother..the one thing that I always wanted..... The one thing that I would dream about...The one thing that I thought I was prepared for.....well, I was not prepared for what was ahead of me. I have had to battle with doctors, labs, speciality clinics, insurances, hospitals, medical supplies..the list just goes on and on. I was not prepared at first like I thought I was nor was I ready to become a mother. God knew what he was doing when he gave me Asa. God knew I wanted to be a mother so much that he chose me to be one of his "Mother Warriors"...for my Asa and for his Asa.

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  1. Great job on your first posting! I can't wait to read all abou the adventures of Asa. He is a doll and you are a great mom. Keep up the good work.