Saturday, June 13, 2009

The delivery/first three weeks of Asa's life

As you can imagine when you are having your first child, the excitement of having a baby turns into an overwhelming amount of anxiety the day of delivery. I remember going to the hospital at 5 am because my scheduled c-section was at 12 noon that day. Andy and I checked in the hospital, then into our room, where I was soon weighed and given an IV. The nurse I had was wonderful and I remember when Andy left the room to go downstairs to get a cup of coffee, I started to cry to the nurse. I told the nurse that I was so scared and that I couldn't believe that I was having a baby. She of course, reassured me and told me how she was scared also the day of delivery. Around 10 am my family from Macon showed up along with Andy's family. My mind was put at rest with the support and encouraging words that were being bestowed upon me that morning along with our pastor from church. Then, it was the time....The nurses came and wheeled me down the hallway while Andy followed. My family following right after. I remember the giggles as my family and the Dows were all talking amongst themselves so full of excitement and then we came to a point where we parted. I kissed them all goodbye and I remember looking at my mother and her saying these words "It will be alright, I will be waiting at the window to see my new grandson.." The other nurse then showed them to the waiting area where they waited there for 43 minutes.

I want to remind you, to those who are reading this, that I had no idea about Asa's special needs during my pregnancy. The only thing that was not in the normalcy was that he was a breech baby. So, here I am in the waiting hall waiting to be brought into the operating room. Andy was sent to change as they prepared me for my spinal epidural. After that, which seemed like forever, Andy came in the room. I was already draped with the blue sheets and the iodine on my belly. Andy came in and sat behind my head. My lips and teeth began to chatter along with the doctors and nurses tools and medical talk in the background. I remember being so nervous but at the same time so ready to see this baby who had been inside my tummy for 9 first child...the apple of my heart was pounding as Andy's voice was whispering in my ear "your doing great honey..". I felt a big tug from here and from there and then he was here. I heard the cry. I heard them say its a boy, even though I knew he was, and in a blink of an eye my life was forever changed. My special delivery, my special boy, and my special assignment had began.


  1. I love it, girl!! Keep it coming. Can't wait for another post

  2. God bless you as you share your story.